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Post  Osiel Vallejo on Thu Aug 04, 2011 5:50 pm

Drug Dealer
Name: Drug Dealer - Only faction leader can supply drugs from places and then transfer them to the crew leaders and so on.
Type: Illegal.
Vehicle needed: No, but you should have one to place your things at.
Commands: /selldrug (/sd) - /putdrug (/pd) - /takedrug (/td) - /putalldrugs (/pad) - /takealldrugs (/tad) - /mydrugs - /vehdrugs - /usedrug.
Salary: You choose what to charge the player - ( it goes for 200 gram for one, you should gain this information IC ).

Description: As a drug dealer your job is to sell drugs to people. You will have to get drugs from a drug supplier, and sell them to the public, the drugs supplier are the HC, you'll never work on your own and buy from your own cash, you'll get inside a crew and then you'll do what you have been asked to.
/selldrug [ID] [slot]: This is the command you use to sell drugs to people, /mydrugs to see what slot your drug is in.
/putdrug [slot]: Used to put drugs into your vehicle, /mydrugs to see what slot your drug is in. (Note: You can not put drugs in any bike).
/takedrug [slot]: Used to take drugs from your vehicle, /vehdrugs to see what slot your drug is in.
/putalldrugs: Puts all the drugs you have on your into your vehicle.
/takealldrugs: Takes all drugs from your vehicle. (Note: This command will not work if you're trying to get more than 20 drugs on you).
/mydrugs: Used to see what drugs you have on you.
/vehdrugs: Used to see what drugs you have in your car.
/usedrug [slot]: This command makes you use a drug.
Credits for NeptoZ, I added few things but the basic is from NeptoZ.
I wrote the things below so the credits goes only for the things above.

Ofently, when you RP about drugs you should be doing this in the smart way, you should be sophisticated to convince your buyers to buy from you actually
"non-stop", you and your buyer gain your each other's trust in each deal, of course you won't sell to someone that seems not to be a real drug, you should test him by letting him speak first, you won't start to speak first and say: "You wanna' buy some kush homeboy?" , if he knows what you'r doing and wants to buy from you something you'll sell him your shit, and if you still don't believe him so you can tell him you don't know what he's talking about.
Of course you won't shout like a freak that you sell "Power X" or what ever, the point is to keep it on low and it's good when you got and keep doing it till you get your next supply.
Your regular costumers, lets say - if you got 4 grams you should sell it to the one you know and NEVER sell it when cops around; once upon a time I got arrested while
trasfering a baggie to someone's hand, whenever I used to sell someone my kush, mary jane, big O' what ever it is - I did it in a handshake to fool the cops and the people the walk around, you don't want someone to see you doing this and call the police, so be sure you do it in a shady place or something, just develop your character RP by adding you knowledge more places to deal, skills to escape from cops, keep yourself steady and do your job clean.
You should keep yourself low and being hacky isn't good in this "job".
You can start with 1 gram for sell, and then people will come more often if they'll like and and even buy from you more kush if they'll gain your trust.

Credit goes to Esteban Reyes AKA yarinl AKA Rosario Barajas.

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Drug Section. Empty Re: Drug Section.

Post  Manuel Castrejana on Thu Aug 04, 2011 7:49 pm

Great guide, pretty useful for beginners.

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Drug Section. Empty Re: Drug Section.

Post  Rosario "Ghost" Barajas on Fri Aug 05, 2011 8:17 pm

Thanks Wink

Drug Section. Dollarz
Moderators team, best regards.

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Drug Section. Empty Re: Drug Section.

Post  Carlos 'Guz' Guzman on Wed Aug 10, 2011 3:22 pm

Thanks for guide. Smile
Carlos 'Guz' Guzman
Carlos 'Guz' Guzman

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Drug Section. Empty Re: Drug Section.

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